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Pitr Paksha - What is Tarpana?

What is Tarpana? - The followers of Sanathan Dharma (Hindus) express their gratitude and devotion by offering oblations of water (Tarpana) in memory of their ancestors. Humans have three types of debts when they are born viz. debt to Lord Krsna and the devas, debt to the Rishis and finally debt to ones' departed ancestors. 'Trup' means satisfying others. The word 'Tarpana' has been formed from the root word 'Trup'. Offering water to Lord Krsna, the devas, the Rishis and one's ancestors one satisfies them immensely and through it is called Tarpana. The objective of performing Tarpana is that Lord Krsna, the devas, the Rishis and one's ancestors whose names are pronounced while performing Tarpana, should bestow happiness on the performer. The offerings are performed daily for 15 days. For your information we have provided the mantras and procedure on how to perform Tarpana daily during Pitr Paksha. After taking a bath in the morning one should wear clean fresh clothes. You should try to perform the Tarpana outside by your prayers place. Then in a dish of half filled water add some milk, sugar, honey, a few grains of barley, scent, and flowers petals - mix these items.

Now face east and keep 3 pieces of knotted Kush grass across both palms forming a cup and offer this water every time you chant "trip-ya-taam" in the dish - NOT on the ground. Offerings to God and the devas:-

Please note again that at the end of each mantra i.e. "trip-ya-taam" offer the water into the dish.
Om brahmaa trip-ya-taam
Om vishnus trip-ya-taam
Om rudras trip-ya-taam
Om prajaapati trip-ya-taam
Om devaas trip-yan-taam
Om chandaamsi trip-yan-taam
Om vedaas trip-yan-taam
Om rishiyas trip-yan-taam
Om puraa-naa-caaryaas trip-yan-taam
Om gandharvaas trip-yan-taam
Om devyas trip-yan-taam
Om itaraa-chaar-yaas trip-yan-taam
Om apa-sa-rasas trip-yan-taam
Om devaa-nugaas trip-yan-taam
Om naagaas trip-yan-taam
Om samvat-sarah saavayavas trip-yan-taam
Om saaga-saas trip-yan-taam
Om parvataas trip-yan-taam
Om saritas trip-yan-taam
Om manush-yaas trip-yan-taam
Om yak-shaas trip-yan-taam
Om rakshaansi trip-yan-taam
Om pishaa-chaas trip-yan-taam
Om supar-naas trip-yan-taam
Om bhootaani trip-yan-taam
Om pashavas trip-yan-taam
Om vanas-patyas trip-yan-taam
Om osha dha-yas trip-yan-taam
Om bhoota-graa-mash chatur-vidhas- trip-ya-taam

Then face north and offer water in the name of the Rishis.
Offerings to the Rishis:-
Om mareeshis trip-yan-taam
Om atris trip-yan-taam
Om angiras trip-yan-taam
Om pulast-yas trip-yan-taam
Om pulahas trip-yan-taam
Om kratus trip-yan-taam
Om vasish-thas trip-yan-taam
Om bhrigus trip-yan-taam
Om naaradas trip-yan-taam
Om prachetaas trip yan-taam
Om sanakas trip-yan-taam
Om sanandanas trip-yan-taam
Om sanaatanas trip-yan-taam
Om kapilas trip-yan-taam
Om aasuris trip-yan-taam
Om bodhus trip-yan-taam
Om panchas-hikas trip-yan-taam

Then face south and now add Til (Sesame seeds) into the water and offer this in the name of the Pitrs (Ancestors).
Father (Pita) (please note that if your father is still alive then this mantra is skipped.)
Om Asmat Pita (say your father's name) trip-ya-taam
Paternal Grandfather (Aaja)
Om asmat pita-maho (say your Paternal Grandfather's name) trip-ya-taam
Paternal Great Grandfather (Par-Aaja)
Om asmat pra-pita-maha (say your Great Paternal Grandfather's name) trip-ya-taam
Mother (Mata) (please note that if your Mother is still alive then this mantra is skipped.)
Om asman mata (say your Mother's name) devi trip-ya-taam
Paternal Grandmother (Aaji)
Om asmat pita-mahi (say your Paternal Grandmother's name) devi trip-ya-taam
Paternal Great Grandmother (Par-Aaji)
Om asmat pra-pita-mahi (say your Great Paternal Grandmother's name) devi trip-ya-taam
Maternal Grandfather (nana)
Om asman mata-maho (say your Maternal Grandfather's name) trip-ya-taam
Maternal Great Grandfather (Par-Nana)
Om asman pra-mata-maho (say your Great Maternal Grandfather's name) trip-ya-taam Maternal Great great grandfather (Vridha Nana)
Om asmat Vridha pra-mata-maho (say your Great great Maternal grandfather's name) trip-ya-taam
Maternal Grandmother (Nani)
Om asman mata-mahi (say your Maternal Grandmother's name) devi trip-ya-taam
Maternal Great Grandmother (Par-Nani)
Om asmat pra-mata-mahi (say your Great Maternal Grandmother's name) devi trip-ya-taam
Maternal Great Great grandmother (Vridha Nani)
Om asmat vridha pra-mata-mahi (say your Great Great Maternal grandmother's name) devi trip-ya-taam
Now for the other family members like your cousins, your friends etc you can chant this mantra.
Om asmat (his/her full name) nam amukee devee trip-ya-taamidam.

Remember that the water is only offered in the dish. Only after all offerings have been completed then the dish of water is dropped on a Knotted kush which was planted on the first morning of Pitr Paksha. This can be repeated as many days as one desires in the 15 days.

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