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Prem Namaste

Please take note of the following announcements made at Satsang - Updated: 02 Octber 2017

1) MHDS Funeral Notice Policy:
MHDS will notify its members of any funeral Notices that they receive. Those that want to make use of the funeral notice system can submit details of the Funeral via the MHDS website. Click Here for more information.

2) MHDS Lamp:
The lamp that is used at Satsang is open to all devotees that attends Satsang to be taken home to be cleaned. The devotee that takes the lamp home will bring the lamp to the next Satsang and will lead the Aarti and closing Pooja offerings.
Q) What do I need to do with the lamp at home?
A) Devotees will be required to wash, clean and dot the lamp for the next Tuesdays Satsang
Q) What do I need to bring?
A) The oil etc is provided by MHDS all that is required is to bring the lamp and Prasad to be offered.
Q) Will I make the offering at Aarti?
A) Yes, the family that brings the lamp for Satsang leads the Aarti and closing Pooja offerings.
Q) Can any family take the lamp home?
A) Yes the lamp can be taken home by any devotee that attends Satsang
More devotees are encouraged to take the lamp home. Please feel free to approach one of the members after Satsang to take the lamp.

3) CSI -
A reminder to all to please send us your suggestions for the beneficiary you would like to nominate for our next CSI.

4) Discourse Topics:
Please send us your suggestions of topics for Discourse's that you would like to hear at Satsang, Topic suggestions can be e mailed to satsang@mhds.co.za

5) MHDS Bhajan Book Sponsor a Page Campaign:
We are excited to announce that we are busy finalizing the 2nd edition of the MHDS Bhajan book, and have launched a 'Sponsor a Page' campaign, where you can sponsor a page/s with a personalized message which will be printed at the bottom of the page in the new edition of our Bhajan book.
The closing date to Sponsor a page is 29 September 2017.

Sample messages:
Sponsored by Name Surname and family
In loving memory of the Late Name Surname

- Cost is R100.00 for a message per page
- Only one message is permitted per page
- You can purchase multiple pages
- Pages will be allocated on first come basis
- Maximum message length is 1 line
- You need to verify your message before submitting, MHDS will not be held liable for errors
- This campaign is open to all, please encourage your families and friends to support the campaign

If you would like to sponsor a Page/s - our banking details are as follows:
Account Name : MHDS
Bank : Standard Bank
Branch : Centurion
Branch Code : 012645
Account Number : 134510550
Account Type : Cheque Account
Reference: Your name :BB

Once payment has been done, please email your message as well as proof of payment to satsang@mhds.co.za

6) MHDS Diwali Celebrations:
It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the MHDS Diwali celebrations.

Date: Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Time: 19h00 - 21h00
Venue: Sagewood School Hall, Noordwyk, Midrand.
Watch this space for more info!

Kind Regards
Midrand Hindu Dharma Sabha

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