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Prem Namaste

Please take note of the following announcements made at Satsang - : Updated 15 March 2017

1) MHDS Funeral Notice Policy:
MHDS will notify its members of any funeral Notices that they receive. Those that want to make use of the funeral notice system can submit details of the Funeral via the MHDS website. Click Here for more information.

2) MHDS Lamp:
The lamp that is used at Satsang is open to all devotees that attends Satsang to be taken home to be cleaned. The devotee that takes the lamp home will bring the lamp to the next Satsang and will lead the Aarti and closing Pooja offerings.
Q) What do I need to do with the lamp at home?
A) Devotees will be required to wash, clean and dot the lamp for the next Tuesdays Satsang
Q) What do I need to bring?
A) The oil etc is provided by MHDS all that is required is to bring the lamp and Prasad to be offered.
Q) Will I make the offering at Aarti?
A) Yes, the family that brings the lamp for Satsang leads the Aarti and closing Pooja offerings.
Q) Can any family take the lamp home?
A) Yes the lamp can be taken home by any devotee that attends Satsang
More devotees are encouraged to take the lamp home. Please feel free to approach one of the members after Satsang to take the lamp.

3) CSI -
A reminder to all to please send us your suggestions for the beneficiary you would like to nominate for our next CSI.

4) Assistance - Sound Set Up:
Any member wanting to assist with setting up of sound to please give their names to Manjeetbhai as a timetable will be drawn up.

5) Discourse Topics:
Please send us your suggestions of topics for Discourse's that you would like to hear at Satsang, Topic suggestions can be e mailed to satsang@mhds.co.za

6) MHDS Upcoming Events:
- MHDS Fund Raiser:
Date: 25th March 2017
Venue: Sagewood School Hall
Time 19h00
Our Fund Raising initiative. Together with Dostana , MHDS will be raising funds to acquire land to build a Mandhir. For Tickets please contact Reshmee: 083 324 1450, Nischal: 081 432 1815, Manjeet: 082 494 6858. Tickets are also available at Satsang

- Ramayan Week
Date: 28 March - 03 April 2017
Monday To Friday 19h00 - 20h00
Saturday and Sunday 16h00 - 18h00
Venue: Sagewood School Hall, Noordwyk, Midrand

- Raam Naumi
Date: 04 April 2017
Time: 19h00 - 21h00
Venue: Sagewood School Hall, Noordwyk, Midrand

Programme includes bhajans, kirtans & Ramayan Recitals
You are welcome to bring Prasad offerings

For further details please contact
Sharitha bhen 083 608 5780
Rennisha bhen 082 606 1000
Khajal bhen 084 083 8947
Click Here for more information.

- MHDS 108 Hanuman Chalisa Recitals 2017:
It is with pleasure that we inform you that MHDS will host the 7th 108 Hanuman Chalisa Recitals on Saturday 08 April 2017.
Click Here for more information.

7) We are in the process of upgrading our sound system. Donations are welcome as we need to purchase new Mics and cables.

08) External Invitation:
MHDS has received invitations to participate at the following events, please contact Rennisha Bhen should you wish to join the team at these events,
- 108 Hanuman Chalisa Recitals - Shree Benoni Gujarati Hindu Seva Samaj Shree Radha Krishna Mandir
1550 Soma Steet, Actonville, Benoni
Sunday 26 March 2017. Times to be confirmed

- 108 Hanuman Chalisa’s – SVDS 37 Penguin Ave, Extension 1, Lenasia
Saturday, 1 April 2017 from 12h00 – 4/5 Chalisa’s.

- Ram Dhoon Recitals – Ved Vidya Mandir (Benoni – Somastreet, Actonville)
Sunday, 2 April 2017 from 10h00 until 11h00 (SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM OM)

- 108 Hanuman Chalisa Recitals – Springs Sanathan Ved Dharma Sabha, 67 Honeysuckle Drive, Bakerton
Sunday, 9 April 2017 - Timeslot tbc

- 108 Hanuman Chalisa’s – Pretoria Yuvyag Mandal
Sunday, 9 April 2017 - Timeslot tbc

09) We are selling MHDS Golf shirts at a cost of R150 each. We would like to confirm the sizes so that the order can be placed as soon as possible. Devotees that would like to purchase these shirts kindly give Reshmee Bhen your details.

10) Thanks to Pundit Sujeeth Maharaj for the informative discourse shared at Satsang.

11) EXCO would like to take this opportunity in thanking everyone that assisted in making the Eisteddfod a great success. A special thanks goes out to the following members who went beyond their call and assisted, Jennishabhen, Sanambhen and Nalishabhen for their help during breakfast on Sunday. Thanks to the following members who assisted from Saturday afternoon to setup the marquee, stage, sound and feeding areas and who also worked very hard on Sunday to ensure everything ran smoothly, Dhamendra bhai, Justin bhai, Atish bhai, Kashveer bhai, Eshaul bhai, Rajbhai, Jayesh bhai and Nischal bhai for your continued support and the use of your vehicles. To all those that assisted in every possible way, our humble thanks to you. Thank you to Ashikbhai who assisted with the sound throughout the day. Thank you to all those who sponsored and made the delicious snacks. Thank you to Maa for preparing the delicious lunch.

12) Congratulations to our under 15 youth, thank you for rendering the National anthems and singing your song so beautifully, your’ll were placed 2nd. To the adult bhajan team, congratulations for being placed 1st in your category

13) Please take note of the following dates and times for practice:
• Youth Hanuman Chailsa practise – Saturday from 3pm till 4pm
• Youth dance practise – Saturday from 4 till 6pm
• Adult dance practise – Saturday from 4 till 6pm
• Bhajan practise on 24th March from 7til 8pm

Kind Regards
Midrand Hindu Dharma Sabha

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