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MHDS Funeral Announcement Policy

The MHDS Funeral Announcement Policy, enables members to request a Funeral Announcement to be published on the MHDS website, MHDS Facebook Page as well as distribution of the message to the MHDS database via e mail.

1) Members to fill in the MHDS Funeral Announcement Form available from the link below (Point 6).
2) Completed forms to be emailed to notice@mhds.co.za and the Communications officer is to be notified of the request.
3) By submitting the request the member consents MHDS to place the announcement on www.mhds.co.za, www.facebook.com and to be sent the MHDS database via email.
4) Members to ensure that the notice is submitted timeously.
5) MHDS does not guarantee the distribution of the announcement.
6) Click Here to download the form.

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